Bagru hand-block printing derives its name from one of the most famous centers of hand-block printing in Rajasthan, Bagru. The Chhipa community is known for practicing this artisanal skill for over 350 years.

In this process of dyeing, a plain bright fabric is tinted yellow using Harda powder first. The base color of the fabric is usually shades of white, cream, and beige.

Then, natural colors such as red, and black are used for printing using carved wooden blocks.

More the blocks used, more detailed are the designs.

Traditionally, the colors used in this dyeing technique are obtained naturally. Greys are taken from Alum, and blacks are derived from Syahi (ink) that is made of fermented waste iron, jaggery, and water.

Initially, the prints were primarily floral and inspired by vegetations. Under Persian influence, they became more geometrical.

This art of dyeing clothes is not only beautiful but is also eco-friendly, skin-friendly and lasts a lifetime.