Sanganeri hand-block printing originated from Sanganer village in the southern part of Jaipur, Rajasthan. It is almost 5 centuries old and holds a prominent place in the world of artisans. This dyeing process gradually became significant in European culture as well. Sanganeri printed cloths are typically found with yellow, green, and blue colors. Designs include impressions of paisley, flowers, buds, leaves, Keri (mango), Paan (betel leaf), Katar (dagger), and Jhumka (ear-ring). There are many innovations in these designs and colors today. The wooden blocks are used to hand-print the design on the fabric directly. As more and more blocks are used, colors and designs start becoming more detailed.

Traditionally, the colors for this printing technique are extracted naturally: Yellow from turmeric and buttermilk, green from banana leaves, black from iron rust, blue from the Indigo plant and sunflower, and purple from the kirmiz insect. Today, artificial colors like scarlet, pink, purple, orange, turquoise, green, black, and brown are used due to their popularity. Sanganeri hand-block printing adds timelessness and versatility to your wardrobe that is skin-friendly and lasts a lifetime.